World's Lightest 4WD Outrider Coyote 4WD


Welcome to Fletcher, North Carolina! This is the Outrider Coyote. Our goal with this machine was to pack as much off-road capability as possible in the smallest package possible. This unit weighs about 220 LBS, it’s about half the weight of a normal ATV, and has a massive 6000 Watt-hour capable battery. The Coyote 4WD has fully independent suspension for a smooth ride over even the roughest terrain. The Outrider Coyote is truly a machine that can be enjoyed by anyone. We want to show you it in action, but rather than us ripping around on the machine, we’ve got three really amazing riders, folks that are getting the Coyote, went to them and said “hey, how would you use this machine? We would love to see you in action”. We supplied them with the machine, we ran the cameras, and let them do their thing, and this was the result. So check it out! The Appalachian Trail runs here across the dam. I’ve been here my whole life. That fits on there pretty slick, don’t it? I’m gonna get it lined up. Nothing compares to the Outrider. You can get these in places that he can’t get anything else. That’s beautiful! Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing a fine job. I was just gonna back on out. Used to be towns out here. Far as the winter, it’s pretty much the same people, but now the summer time it’s packed here. It’s a pretty cool place though, ain’t it? We’re gonna cook all these hot dogs, Daylan cooking for us. There’s little Daylan right here and right there. Oh, you got a hog? I was scared to death of it. Oh really? I wouldn’t have been able to get up there if it hadn’t been for this. Five years ago, he walked up in there. Since his accident, it’s the first time he’s been in there. Yeah I’m going to take it up every little place I can, my first go-around. I’m probably going to leave from the house, and go back in the big springs, I’d say. The possibilities are endless. I’d rather buy something made in America than anywhere else. Well this’ll go a lot more places than anything else I’ve ever tried, and it’s got a lot more range than anything else too. Well I mean this would be a game-changer. My friends and stuff that go out west hunting, they go to public lands and walk around, so I could go with them. I mean the only thing that would be better than this would be walking. I mean really. So what do y’all think about this place? That’s my expertise, is adaptive equipment. I tell people “that just means I’ve been hurt a really long time”. Well you want to go back far enough, I’ve been injured for 35 years. When I was in the rehab, the main thing I wanted to do is to know I could hunt and fish again. The outdoors; that was my life, you know. I could give up anything else, I wasn’t going to give that up. I’ve been waiting for something like the Coyote to show up. We’re in the disabled hunting community, or outdoor community. We’re gonna change that to able hunting community now. Some things, some products are a small step; this is more of a big leap. I tell you, one of my pet peeves for watching outdoor shows, and they’ll have somebody with a disability on. They don’t show anything about how they got to where they were going, they didn’t show anything. They didn’t show any of the equipment they used; nothing. Anything that people do on foot can go a long way, very difficult to do in a regular chair. You miss so much. This is my addition to the invention process right there. Voila! You don’t get giant leaps very often. Hey! How you doing. So this is going to be one of them. For me, one of the top hunts in the world is the elk with a bow – easy door, I like easy doors – it’s up there in the top three, and this is the first thing I’ve ever tried – this Coyote – ‘cause it’s quiet. It has to be the right thing, it has to be four wheel drive, you have to be quiet to be able to stalk an elk in the mountains, and get close enough for a bow shot. That’s the pinnacle. You can tell when something is special. This is one of those things. And we’re just getting started. We’re gonna catch some fish today, boys. This cabin, my dad gave it to my mom when I was 16. My dad passed away about nine years ago. We bought the house out of the estate, been living here full time about seven years now, and love it up here. My accident was about three and a half years ago, but I grew up going to the gorge, and camping and hiking and stuff like that. We’re right on the edge of the Linville Gorge, and there are miles and miles of single track that you can ride. That was something we always did together, we were always an athletic couple together. The accident really stonewalled everything we could do together, so it just became me out walking around with the dogs. This is Ben, and Gigi’s over there. And the little Shih Tzu’s somewhere; Chuck. This Outrider Coyote, I love it. I’ve been able to go see some of my neighbors at their house, which has been pretty cool. We’re able to go and walk the dogs every day, take them out, walk some of the areas that I couldn’t go on with my wheelchair, or my walker. So as a family, we were able to walk the dogs for the first time in three and a half years. This affords us to once again be together, and doing things together, and I can ride my bike beside him now. I’ve kind of enjoyed that freedom, to see things I haven’t been able to see. The wheelchair really won’t go there. I hadn’t been down there in three and a half years. Doing it every day, I’ve been sleeping good at night. He was ear-to-ear grinning. He was like “I’ve been outside for three and a half hours”. Got about 10 miles. I noticed that it’s not just for you, but it’s a bike for everybody. I was kind of surprised, like “this is not gonna be my jam”, but I got on it, and it was like “this is my jam; this is really fun”. It’s got plenty of torque, I can tell you that. Just riding around, looking at the neighborhood, tooling around every night has just been a blast. So yeah, I can see how it’s for everyone. Thanks for watching! If you want to get back out there again, Outrider would love to build a machine for you. Cheers!