Coyote First Drive



Yeaaah buddy!

Alright so we are in South Central Pennsylvania. We come up here every year, got a lot of family in Pennsylvania, this is Tommy speaking. We come up here every year since I’ve been a little boy, and come up to the woods of Pennsylvania and got together with family and friends and got out there and spent some days for the first few days of deer rifle season; going after white tail buck, and so, grew up on these ridge and valleys of Pennsylvania. It’s beautiful country; y’know, being from North Carolina, it’s just a really different landscape. Well, I live in North Carolina now, I should say; it’s just a different landscape, but a lot of long ridges and long valleys here in Pennsylvania. We’re in North Carolina, it’s not as linear; it’s more little peak here, big peak there, just a totally different landscape, so we all come together up here once a year, in this beautiful location, and just get a bunch of people together to get out here and enjoy the woods – I just love it. I love it up here. I love it. It’s like, absolutely absolutely gorgeous here. It’s so beautiful. I love where we’re at in the mountains in North Carolina, but in a lot of places there you can’t really see very well, but here you’ve just got these panoramic kinds of views. It’s absolutely amazing. So, there’s a couple ways I could take you; we can go up along the main road, through the backroads and go up the fields, we’ll probably come back that way. But I’m kinda thinking we should go through the woods. This is really the first video that we’ve done on this bike; this is the first video; we just built this Coyote 4 Wheel Drive, independent trailing arm suspension, 20 inch wheels all the way around, four motors, about 6,000 Watts of power. 3 Kilowatt hour battery, 3,000 Watt-hours. All electric, so the A-series. So we call this a Coyote 630A with independent trailing arms – 6,000 Watts; 3,000 Watt-hours, so 630A Coyote here. This thing is just awesome! I mean you don’t hear me on camera a lot get super excited, but I have just been dreaming of this bike for years, and it’s right here now; it’s in front of me, and I’m absolutely tickled with the performance of this thing. I mean it is like nothing else; there’s nothing else like it; to be under 200 pounds total, with the front end off it’s less than five feet long, less than 32 inches wide on the outsides, so you can fit through doorways; you could fit it sideways into utility trailers, you can fit it in the back of most midsize SUVs, minivans, wagons, even like smaller hatchbacks, like Volkswagen Golfs, Subaru Outback; even crammed one in the back of a little Nissan Versa hatch, so to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle that’s this compact, that you don’t have to trailer is amazing. And with a trailer like that, you could probably carry four of these, with taking the boom off and putting the seat down like a 5×12 utility trailer, you could carry four of these bikes. We really wanted to design something that packed just absolutely as much capability as possible into the smallest package, and this is it. So enough talking, let’s ride! It’s a quiet machine, but it rips, and the suspension is bomber; it is so fun! So I should point out that I have no mechanical brakes; there are no disc brakes on this thing right now; we are going to build it of course with disc brakes, but we wanted to run with it, and rely solely on this electrical brake, and really dial in the performance of these regenerative brakes, so that’s a fun fact. So, I’m going to be a little bit more cautious in the way that I ride, because although the brakes, the electronic brakes are really strong, nothing still replaces having that disc there when you really want it. Just something to point out. It’s got a 22 mph top speed on it, and that’s ripping it in the woods. The independent suspension is like… so good. It is so good. I mean you can’t see it because it’s covered with leaves, but this trail is just washed out from the rain, there’s little rocks, we call them baby heads, everywhere, this thing absolutely eats it up. We’re doing 20 miles per hour right now on super choppy rough stuff. You would not do this on this trail in a pickup. It would beat it up, but this thing is so light, so nimble, such long travel suspension, it just chews it up and doesn’t think twice about it. It’s so much fun! So, kind of give you a lay of the land here, out to the left here is where you’d go if you want to go to the top of the mountain; there’s a lower route that goes out to the left here at this fork; it goes a real rough and rocky, and usually wet lower route to the top, and then we’ve got kind of a medium difficulty ride up the ridge, we call that Joe’s hill. Joe’s hill has always been a great challenge for 4 wheel drives all time the year; really washed out, really chopped up. We’re going to do that later; we’ll probably go up that lower route as well later; we call that dark hollow, and the rocks up there are just rough, so it’ll put this suspension through its paces, you get to see what it can do, and then we’ve even got a hill that we call Keller’s hill, that has got so torn up,  that we don’t take the trucks up there anymore, so we might even do that, so on the mountain we’ve got, let’s call it easy, but it’s not easy, the least difficult trail is very rough, that’s Dark Hollow, the medium difficulty trail going up right here, you can kind of see the road cut is Joes Hill, and the really difficult trail Keller Hill comes up the front side of the mountain.  We’ll get more into that riding later, right now I’m actually heading to meet some family and friends out where we shoot on the shooting range in the back stop, got the side-by-side and the pick up over there so I’m taking the back way in.  This is the trail we use a lot and a tree came down.  So, if you’re in this situation with a pickup and a tree’s down you pretty much have to have a chainsaw. This thing, because of the narrow track width you can fit through much smaller spaces so you can make trail in areas where you’d only really be able to walk, so check it out.  This is the trail, so we’re going to divert. I mean this thing is a freedom machine! Haha! So running over a tree right there, tight spot there, just crushing logs, haha, but I mean you see with this if you don’t have a trail, it’s not really the end of the world, especially in the leaf fall season like this.  So, I’m actually just going to go back a different trail and bear in mind right now what I’m riding right now is not a trail.  That’s the beauty of this machine being so compact in the woods, is you just work it out and if you get stuck you back up or lift it up, its less than 200 lbs so you can get it and not have a 3000lb thing you’ve got to figure out a way to mauve.  So it’s liberating.  So right now, I don’t  know if you can read the display but on the bottom left is negative because we are actually putting power back into the batteries right now as we descend this really rough choppy  trail and come into this beautiful field that we call the Blue Tarp field.  So they’re shooting now adjacent to me here, off in a different direction thankfully, so there’s 22 MPH through this field , just really smooth, 23, this machine tops out with the current set up with the way it’s geared about 22 MPH, so we’re cruising along at about 22 right there.  I’m going to cut over, I mean 6000 watts of power on something that only weighs 195 lbs is pretty awesome, the weight of a person putting out that much power.  Oh so much fun!  Hahaha!


(Music playing)


Woohoo!!  Yes!!


Haha, this is a blast!  (wiping mud off the camera) Purely electronic brakes right here.  They won’t let it roll away down the hill, pretty cool feature, but keeps it from sitting on any one phase so it doesn’t warm up any one phase too much, so you can see it’s going from phase to phase but it’s keeping the bike from rolling away even though we don’t have any disc brakes on this thing right now, it’s just all electronic brakes.  We’re getting that tuned in.  So this is all regen,  every bit of braking we’re getting is going right back into the battery packs.  So you’ll see the power on the bottom left of the display here, of course when were accelerating the power will increase, so 1.0 KW is 1000 watts, so right now were polling 500 watts, 750 watts, 1000 watts, 1500 watts, or 1.5 Kw, 1.4 Kw, but now watch when we speed up, some regen here, we’re cruising, now we’ve got to slow it down, so you can see going negative, that means it’s going back into the battery pack so watch the voltage climb when that happens, pretty awesome. Some pretty heady stuff right there.


This thing is awesome.  Oh man, I don’t know what to say, 12 years of design and evolution of these machines and divine inspiration in the whole product line together, and we’ve got the Outrider Coyote 4WD, independent suspension trailing arm system, and, I just am so absolutely pleased with this thing.  So grateful, man. Wow, I can’t say it enough, it’s a freedom machine, you just, anywhere you want to go, you just, basically anywhere you can walk, this thing will run.  So, hope you’re enjoying this little video and enjoying south central rural PA, valley and ridge in the Appalachians, as we say in the north, or the Appalchians as we call them in the south.  Beautiful mountains, leaves just fell, it is about to be the first day of hunting season and its the day after thanksgiving.  We’ve got a lot to be thankful for, God’s beautiful creation is all around us. I’m just happy to be outside, so enjoy the show and cheers! 


I mean you can be stealthy on this thing.  This would be a turkey’s worst nightmare, as was said by a fellow that ran a great hunting camp down near Asheville, down south, in South Carolina, he said this machine is a turkey’s worst nightmare.  Hahah! Try not to get smacked in the face here.  That’s why you wear glasses, haha.  And a full face helmet.  Woohoo!  Where do you want to go next?  Haha! How about some urban assault?  This is a sneaky thing, dragging corn husks on the ground, I don’t know how sneaky that is.  Just showing you how nimble this is, sounds like I didn’t have my seat clicked in the whole way, now it’s clicked in.  So, here’s the reverse button under all the mud, this is the arm and the kill switch, hit reverse there, some 4WD reverse, and by the way we’re in 4WD all the time here, there’s no penalty in doing that, so might a s well, keeps the whole system happier, runs a lot cooler, shares the load with all 4 motors, see if I can park and talk a the same time.  Haha.  And we’re in! Then, see the LED there, push that, now we’re in forward gear.  Are you ready to go dad?  Yeah I am!  Say hello!  Hey!  Happy Thanksgiving.  That’s Ms Bailey right there. She’s like that doesn’t smell right, smells like a field. 


Get it man, get it! Hahaha! Yeah! Get it, get it!  (laughing) Yeah, rip it man, you’ve got it! There’s Brucey boy, that’s a good boy right there.  That’s a good boy. What do you think about that, that’s pretty cool.  (laughing) Should have brought another bike Brucey, I need legs like yours! I need legs like yours ol boy,  What’s he doing?  Are you going to go get him?  Here he comes.  (laughing) Yeeeaaaaaah boy!  (laughing) Watch this!  (laughing)


Give it a little speed, not a ton, but, and just come back towards me then. 

That was a lot! 

Yeah I know.


I’m going to turn around.

One second, found something?  Just love his face! 

(laughing) You’re a good boy, look at your face! 

Go for it!    



Alright Maddie, if you need something to hold onto, you can hold onto my legs, but you should be solid there, we’re strapped in together. 

Are you scared?


She’s ready!  Alright, get ready, it’s gonna be fun!  Oops, we’re in reverse, let’s try again!


Heyyy!  What do you think?

I think she’s just taking it in.

Yeah, she’s got a smile!

Woohoo! (laughing)

Ready to go to the field?  No?  Where do you want me to go?  In the field, ok, ready?  Here we go!  Woohoo!!

Are you doing good?  There comes Bailey!  (laughing) Bailey and Brucey boy.  You want to go up the hill? Don’t put your feet on the display ok?  Just keep them down below there.  

Haha, sneaky, sneaky!

It’s a quiet thing, huh?  I like your smile!  Was it cool?

We went blasting through the corn field, it was fun!


Do you want to go explore in the woods a little bit? 

Let’s go see if we can cut a trail through the woods?  I don’t know if this one should be out here.  Dad, is Gracey ok out here?  Yeah, grab her there.