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Coyote 4WD 2023

Outrider USA began operation in Fletcher, North Carolina in 2009. Since our inception, we have demonstrated our commitment to American design, machining, and manufacturing. Seldom few vehicle manufacturers choose to base their operations in the United States, opting instead for cheaper prices, cut corners, and questionable quality offered abroad. We, however, have no confidence in such practices.

All of our products are built on U.S. soil.

In August 2022, we moved our operations from Fletcher to Mars Hill, North Carolina. As a result, we now inhabit a much larger space, with plenty of room to scale. We are also in collaboration with several other manufacturing companies right in our new backyard. The facility sits on 18 acres of beautiful hilly terrain, with a spectacular view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The building itself was originally built to house the production of radio communications equipment; the direct supplier of most radio equipment for the United States during World War 2.

Every Coyote 4WD is designed, assembled, and tested under this roof.

Our chassis components are 100% American Made, along with the seat, foot rest, and light attachments. The few components that we have to source from overseas are carefully selected and thoroughly tested before integrated into production, and are typically items that are commonly used amongst other manufacturers. Whenever we have the option, we choose to buy American.

Because we know from experience, there’s no place like home.